Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about teaching safe and new techniques.

  Helping  you to connect  yourself back to body, mind and spirit. 



Andrea began practicing yoga 10 years ago with a mindset to stretch but her preconception couldn’t have been more far off. Her yoga practice helped her to become a “better” version of herself. Yoga helped Andrea to overcome doubt and fear, it allowed her to honor her body as well as learn live in the moment. Yoga helped her spiritually, mentally and most importantly to learn how to love herself. The lessons she’s learns on her mat, she tries to take into my daily life.

Andrea wants to inspire others to get on their mats, be present, practice and listen to their bodies.

Andrea’s focus is on vinyasa yoga, guiding the class to synchronize the breath with a continuous flow of poses. She is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, mountain biking, SUP/paddle board yoga and snowboarding. 


Andrea teaches Introduction to Vinyasa every Thursday evening at 6:30 PM &  All level  Vinyasa every Saturday morning at 11 AM


Certified in Hyengar and Vinyasa Styles


His years of Yoga practice have helped him find body and mind balance that led to a discovery of  boundless possibilities, enhancing life.


His goal is to share this life experience as yogi to assist  in reaching out to those boundaries that might hold you back from achieving ultimate healthy wellness.



Christian is  one of our subs




 Dominique has been a practicing massage therapist since 2008.

In October of 2016, Dominique decided to immerse herself in a 30-day, 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at 7 Centers Yoga Arts in the breathtaking Sedona,  AZ.  It was there that she would discover the true healing power of yoga through daily cleanses, meditation, pranayama, trataka, and of course disciplined asana practice. Her background as a professional massage therapist and innate passion for seeking spiritual truth combine to form a yoga practice that focuses on both physical and energetic alignment.  Dominique enjoys teaching a variety of styles including Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga.

In her personal practice, Dominique aims to heal herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually to better serve her role in humanity's ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Dominique is one of  our subs


Kasie started her yoga journey back in 2013, and has been a  certified Reiki Practioner since 2015. She recently embarked on a journey to Costa Rica, in September of 2017 for her 200 hour yoga teacher  training. She then took on The Art of Healing Yoga Program November 2017. 

She is passionate about helping others find wholeness within their practice as well as bringing oneness into the community. She challenges her students to push beyond their comfort zone, and supports students both emotionally — with an open heart & infectious joy, and physically — through spotting techniques.


Kasie teaches free flow Monday - Friday at noon

Vinyasa Flow Tuesday evening at 6:45 and 8 PM

 Power Flow every  Friday at 8:15 AM







Sam finds her passion through communicating and sharing with others. She believes high positive energy is contagious and spreads it like wildfire. Starting her recreational yoga practice 12 years ago to help in her figure skating training, she decided to turn a hobby and passion into something she could share in hopes of helping others the way yoga has helped her.
She lives by her favorite quote "live the life you love, love the life you live" and never let's a day go by without expressing her gratitude for life and it's experiences.


Sam teaches an all level Vinyasa flow every Wednesday  at 6:45 PM.