Right when you walk in, you feel like you're at your second home. Everyone is amazing at what they do. You leave there feeling like you're on cloud 9. -Gavin O.

Had my first hot stone massage. I thought I was in heaven it was so good. I had brought my dogs there and they helped them so much it was time I treated myself. they're so nice there u feel right at home the minute you step foot in the door. -Paula B.

My very first experience there today and I had a laser treatment on my foot and I am very happy to report that it is feeling very much better than before I went there! Thank you Bill! Second visit on Friday can't wait! -Elizabeth B.

I was in pain for a long time and fixed by Bill and his staff with only visit. Just amazed by this! -Chad C.

I went here today for the first time in severe pain feeling hopeless and not knowing what to expect. I left being able to move my neck from side to side (haven't been able to do this for about 7 years) and had no pain. The staff is extremely kind, knowledgeable and talented with their hands. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. I now have hope that I can be normal and pain free without surgery. I am looking forward to meeting with their nutritionist and getting my life back on track with my weight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! ❤   -Ragina B.

Simply this, I shuffled in, having been bent 1/2 over for the last 7 months.. 7 months of disabling pain from my cancer and arthritis, I left an hour later walking upright,, and 2 hours after that , I worked for the 1st time in months (as a Fire Dept Traffic Control officer) herding 6 lanes of crazed drivers at a high speed intersection in pouring rain, with no pain, no concern about whether or not I could leap aside when one of those morons with a text phone would be about to take me out..3 hours later my pain and disability resumed,, but the next day (today Fri 29th,) I went back at 4 pm for 30 minutes on one of the machines and again left a new and carefree man. it is now midnite and I am still comfortable .I think I may get my 1st whole night of sleep since October 2014. -Paul M.

I've gone to see Bill a few times now. I was told I had precancerous cells in my body and I needed surgery, I went to Bill first and then surgery. The pathology report showed no precancerous cells! He's healed full blown ear infections. In one visit, no pain. He's very uplifting ..a good massage therapist. Headaches far less! A great nutritional coach. I'm eating right now and in less than a week I'm down 5.5 pounds! I will go back for sure and send mm family and friends. -Theresa J.

The Art of Healing is the answer to my prayers!
I have come thru those doors pretty hopeless... And walked out amazed!!! Everyone should get fixed there... Go in for a good tune-up, your body needs it!

A place of miracles and healing for all. -Jenna B.

The laser. The power of ‪#‎Light‬‪#‎TheCure‬. The power of ‪#‎Natural‬ ‪#‎Holistic‬‪#‎Healing‬.

Pharmaceuticals from the hands of dentists and doctors almost killed me. I have been in dental pain for over a year, I have rheumatoid arthritis in my neck and many chemical sensitivities due to rare neurological autoimmune. I'm sensitive to the materials in my dental fillings so I will soon be having a corrective restoration of my entire mouth.

When modern medicine failed me I saved myself again and again until I was too tired. Then Bill Bubenicek and The Art of Healing helped me save myself. I've come so far and I am incredibly grateful for The Gift of healing and to be surrounded by the most wonderful souls.

Choose nature's remedy. Heal your soul. Allow your natural beauty, your natural light, to shine.

‪#‎Pray4AHealthyHealer‬  -Emily S.